Henry Zhao

Have you ever imagined a future where robots and humans live together? Where robots are your companions, and can help with chores? I’ve always dreamed of such a world, where robots can clean your house, cook meals, and be your friend! On one hand, I wanted to learn about how to create a walking robot, like the design, kinematics, and gait. On the other hand, I also had a bunch of really cool ideas that I wanted to try out on the robot, like a trip-recovery system, or walking on rocks without using cameras. And so, I started my journey to building my own four-legged robot.

In this project, you can see how I built my robot from the ground up, starting with 3d modelling, to manufacturing, to programming. With the current prototype, the robot can crawl, walk, self-level, and traverse rough terrain. I also plan to add much more in the future! Hopefully, in the near future, that dream will come true.

My Projectboard.