Rohan Mehta

Climate change has accelerated the number of natural disasters that occur each year.
Using ultrasound and image classification, as well as CO2, temperature and humidity sensors, a drone was developed. The drone can locate humans lost in avalanches, floods or other accidents, and detect wildfires.
Through testing, it was found that using this technology is very feasible. The image classification algorithm that was written for finding people and identifying fires had a 100% accuracy compared to the 64.5% accuracy with human test subjects. A fire was accurately detected by the CO2 sensor from distances greater than 18 ft above the fire. The ultrasonic sensor was able to detect a model human buried in 120 cm of snow. To differentiate humans from other objects under snow, the effect of density on the speed of sound was successfully tested.
This technology has the ability to save lives, find bodies and prevent destruction.

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