Sai Shankar

One in hundred people suffer from epilepsy and of these, three percent have photosensitive epilepsy. It is triggered by flashing lights or contrasting light patterns, causing the victim to undergo a seizure. Photosensitive epilepsy is more common in children and young people. This issue was brought to my attention when an investigation was done in Japan regarding this topic. Many children experienced headaches, convulsions and breathing problems after an episode of “Pokémon” was released that contained intense blue and red flashing lights.

This problem led me to study the use of arduino photocell to make an alert system that sends warning of the harmful light patterns before they trigger seizures. The sensor would detect the change in frequency of the light, which could be adjustable accommodating the person’s sensitivity. This device would be connected to the glasses or the clothes of an individual, reducing the likelihood of a convulsion or irritation.

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