Timothy Cai

Rockets are expensive, big, and don’t fly often. This is great for the military and private companies, who don’t launch things often and have lots of money. But nowadays, with people everywhere learning how to build mini satellites called “SmallSats,” these kinds of rockets aren’t enough anymore. The big industry rockets like the Falcon 9 are special, because they have a technology called “active control”, where the rocket engine is tilted to redirect the force of the flame, so that the rocket can stay upright. Smaller, cheaper rockets didn’t have this, until now. Powered by a commercial motor, positioned using the same orientation system as the Space Shuttle, and with hardware developed as a scaled-down version of commercial vehicles’, this project is a nano-rocket capable of demonstrating all the required technologies for controlled flight. With small-scale active control, the future of spaceflight can be made available to everyone.

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